My name is Elle and I am 28 years old. In 2011, I was diagnosed with a disease I had never heard of before. Ulcerative Colitis.
I have created this blog as a diary for myself and to support others with Ulcerative Colitis. Please feel free to ask questions, I will be glad to advise and support the best I can. There is no shame here, I know how embarrassing it is to talk about this disease so don’t be afraid to ask!
I will be blunt, saying exactly what I think and I will be using this diary to vent. You have been warned! =P

For those who don’t know, Ulcerative Colitis (UC) is a chronic illness and a form of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). It is an auto-immune disease. This means that the bodies immune system of somebody with UC attacks the healthy tissue in the lining of the large bowel and rectum causing it to become inflamed. There is no cure. UC is controlled through medication and/or surgery.

Symptoms may include:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Diarrhoea (sometimes with blood/mucus)
  • Frequent bowel movements
  • Joint pain and swelling
  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Constipation (sometimes leading to blockage)
  • Weight loss
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Loss of appetite
  • Anaemia
  • Eye, skin and liver problems



DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT A DOCTOR OR HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL. On this blog, all views expressed are my own.

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  1. Great article. I have been diagnosed with Lymphocytic colitis (more rare). Its so hard to get people to understand why you feel so sick, tired,sick, and tired when all they think is ” its just IBD” whats the big problem?

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